Terms and conditions


Requests for availability or reservation , or any amendments thereto, shall be subject to an email (or failing a post). Our confirmation of availability or booking , will also be given in writing. Telephone exchange on the availability of a book are purely informative.


Stays are guaranteed only by the receipt of a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total stay and deductible from the bill at the end of the agreed stay . The payments are cashed on receipt. The installments shall be paid not later than within 5 days.

You can adjust these payments in 3 ways:
  • or by check (payable to the Mas Bella Cortis) to join with the booking contract
  • or by bank transfer free of charge (faster for a guaranteed reservation / thank you for the cost to check this with your bank).
  • or by credit card (subject to acceptance).

The cardholder expressly gives permission to the LLC BELLA CORTIS debit the amount of installments agreed in the terms of sale. In case of cancellation, the cardholder authorizes the appropriate SARL BELLA CORTIS to charge the deposit may not withdrawn and the balance of the reservation as provided for in Article cancellation of these terms and conditions. This is from the collection of a deposit or communication No. of your credit card your booking will be firm. The payment of a deposit implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. In case of permanent cancellation, advance deposits remain definitively acquired the seller.



Rooms are available from 16:30 . Thank you not to arrive in possible after 22:30 and prevention for any arrival after 19h.


The rooms start time must be before 11:30. Changing rooms : Without the customer can avail no compensation , the operator reserves the right to change the room originally reserved by the client by a room of the same capacity or higher capacity. In such a case , the reservation cost remains unchanged.


The drinks are not included in the breakfasts and meals will be charged extra on departure on the following bases: cool drink except for water: 5 euros, coffee or tea: 5 euros, glass of wine or aperitif: 7 euros, digestive glass: 9 euros, bottle of champagne: € 70. Formulas catering and dinner: It is necessary to book in advance restoration formulas or table d'hote. Gift invitation Mas Bella Cortis: The terms of use of gift vouchers and sales conditions mas Bella Cortis are deemed accepted by the customer and recipient of the checks. Note for gift vouchers invitation Bella Cortis: checks are sent after full payment of the amount of the order. The gift certificate is considered a settlement means the cancellation policy described in our conditions apply to gift certificates that will be canceled in whole or in part according to the cancellation deadlines. Gift certificates beneficiaries do not have to pay a deposit to guarantee reservations. The voucher serves as payment.
Our friends the pets are not accepted at Mas Bella Cortis.


Children are welcome, however the pool is unsupervised and no child under 12, and / or can not swim , can stay in the pool area without the presence of a parent.


Compliance with a certain lifestyle is asked all guests to ensure the tranquility of Mas and comfort of its guests. In addition , you are asked to kindly not to smoke in the rooms. The customer agrees to comply with instructions of how to live in the rooms contained in these Terms and Conditions. The client agrees to make the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare and assume financially, any potential degradation which it could be liable on the property.


If cancellation occurs 7 to 14 days before the client arrival: 50% of the total stay is charged. less than 7 days before the arrival date, 100% of the initially planned stay amount is due. SARL BELLA CORTIS request, and / or charge the balance of the price of the rental or lease of the stay or residence remains vacant following the cancellation. If the client does not manifest 19 hours before the scheduled day of arrival, the LLC BELLA CORTIS can have its rooms. Deposits remain with the LLC BELLA CORTISS who will claim and / or charge the balance of the price of the rental or lease of the stay or residence remains vacant following the cancellation. In case of stay / rental shortened, the price for the cost of accommodation is fully vested at the SARL BELLA CORTIS. SARL BELLA CORTIS request, and / or charge the balance of the price of the rental or residence. For stays around the "theme of the truffle", the cancellation period is different: 100% of the total stay is charged for cancellations interrvenant less than 14 days before the guest's arrival. For reservations "eve of New Year's Eve" the cancellation period is different: 100% of total price is charged for any cancellation interrvenant less than 1 month before the guest's arrival. If a client reservation cancellation by SARL CORTIS BELLA, BELLA CORTIS the SARL undertakes to inform the client of the cancellation of the reservation by all means and to repay the deposits paid by the customer within 8 days. In case of cancellation, no customer may not claim compensation from the SARL BELLA CORTIS and waives any damage. Cancellation may intevenir for theme weekends (weekend Truffles kind) if the number of participants Option assurance We urge the tenant to take out cancellation insurance with the insurer. In general, the risks covered are: rental risks, deposit the refund due to cancellation only motivated interruption of stay or delayed entry. We remain available to your insurer for all necessary information to the insurance outlet.

These terms and conditions can be changed at any time without notice. The acceptance and compliance with these terms of sale are deemed earned upon payment of installments. According to the law of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and correct the data. SARL BELLA CORTIS agrees not to transmit the information you have provided him with other companies or organizations.
Warning: promotional offers are not combinable among them. Conditions , rates and not contractual offers and change without notice.

The provencal villa Bella Cortis is located not far from Grignan and Vaison la Romaine, 2km from La Garde Adhemar, a historic village listed among the 100 most beautiful villages of France.  

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